Product Rave: Sam Chapman's Real Techniques Brush Line

Product Rave: Sam Chapman's Real Techniques Brush Line

posted on: 6.24.2011

Now I am not one to sit here and rave about how much I love certain products, but I must say that I am absolutely in love with Sam Chapman's brush line! I don't know about you guys, but I have been watching her and her sister's Youtube channel, pixiwoo, for SUCH a long time! I was intrigued about her line of brushes when she first announced it because she said they would be affordable. Now everyone's definition of affordable is completely different. For example, my favorite is when fashion blogger's say how affordable a skirt is, and it is priced at over $100! Puh-lease, who are we kidding? That skirt is definitely not affordable! But I digress...

Anyways, I am absolutely infatuated with Sam's Real Techiques brushes. I only have six of them, but I definitely do plan on purchasing more. My all-time favorite brush from her collection is the blush brush, because it is SUCH a fantastic brush! I actually use it to apply bronzer because it applies bronzer so beautifully, and the brush is super soft.. Definitely not something that I would have expected from a ten dollar synthetic brush. I also purchased her starter kit brushes, which is mainly for the eyes. They're all really nice, but I honestly feel as if the blush brush just may be the best brush in the whole collection. Granted, I haven't even tried out any of the other brushes, but at the moment... This is my favorite.

You can purchase these brushes from or at your local Ulta. If your Ulta is as pathetic as mine, you may have to just order it online. I don't know the details about whether or not you can get this internationally, but here in the United States it is readily available.

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  1. I saw them today at ultra! And I was wondering if the brush was dense enough but you have made me a believer that the brushes are amazing!


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