another somewhat irrelevant post

another somewhat irrelevant post

posted on: 8.08.2011

So today in Florida was absolutely dreadful- the weather was sucky to the MAX! I was going to record a tutorial, but the power kept going on and off, and the thunder was prettttty loud. So, a tutorial was out of the question. So there I was, all dolled up with no where to go. So what do I do? IMPROMPTU PHOTO SHOOT! It's been a while since I flexed my photography and photoshop muscles, so I figured that is what I would do today. I'm really happy with four of the shots (I took over 100- ha!), so I figured I would post them up on here to see what you all think! :)

The last one is my personal favorite :3. Hope you enjoy! Have a lovely and rain-free day! xo


  1. Came across your prom makeup for dark skin vid on eager for more vids for darker skin!


  2. Jessica- thank you!
    Rimi- aw thank you! i'm hoping i can have some more dark skin videos up soon! :)

  3. How did you make the pictures look like that? they look awesome haha picture tutorial!!!


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