Another Experimental Eyeliner Look

Another Experimental Eyeliner Look

posted on: 9.09.2011

I think that by now, we have established my deep love for eyeliner. More specifically, gel eyeliner. I find it so easy to work with, along with a suuuuuper tiny pointed eyeliner brush from the craft store. Tonight I was feeling fiesty, and decided to play with eyeliner shapes. I was somewhat inspired by those ridiculous eyeliner stick-ons from Dior that just came out and retail for something really ridiculously overpriced- I think they were $42? That is so stupid in my opinion, especially since with enough time and patience, you can do it yourself for FREE!

But I digress. Here is what I came up with! (click the picture to enlarge it)

Kinda reminds me of that song by Sam Sparro, "Black & Gold". Mainly because those are pretty much the only colors I used... Black and gold.

Enough ridiculous rambling! Thank you all so much for following my blog and subbing on youtube! Thanks to being the latest guest blogger on xsparkage's blog, I've gained a bunch of new followers and subbies! Thank you all so much! xoxoxo


  1. i love this!!! when i saw those stick on liners I went 'whaaaat???! $42 for THAT?!' pretty ridiculous. i think it's much more fun to draw them yourself! :)


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