Beauty Wishlist Vol. 3

Beauty Wishlist Vol. 3

posted on: 9.16.2011

I totally meant to post this this past Sunday, but obviously that didn't happen. Welp, better late than never, right?
Click to enlarge! Here is a brief breakdown of the products:

  1. Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Scrub- I am on the hunt for a really good lip scrub. I know I could make a super simple DIY lip scrub, but I never really want to take the time to do so. I'm one of those lazy Americans who likes to have crap premade for me. Judge me all you want!
  2. Makeup Forever Strass- These are essentially overpriced individual crystals that MUFE sells and makes me want to buy so bad. Lately I have had this sort of fascination with crystals/rhinestones and have been dying to use it in some crazy dramatic eye looks. I actually found a bunch of old rhinestones that I bought at the craft store forever ago, and am dying to play with it. But MUFE packages their crystals sooo nicely! Totally makes us easily persuaded folk wanna pay the $20 for a tiny jar that probably has 10 crystals when you could get a 500 crystal super pack at the craft store for half the price. I digress...
  3. Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel- Lately I have been wanting to try out so many different products for my curls! Next time I go to New York City, I would love nothing more than to go to the Ouidad salon (which is a salon just for us curly girls) and just have them make me over. And pray that they legitimately know what they're doing. Before that happens, I would love to try some of their styling gels to see what they're made of.
  4. Ultra Flesh Black Magic- It is no secret that I love me some eyeliner. This product is so perfect! There are so many different varieties of eyeliner in this product, I'm curious if it is legit or not!
  5. Bite Lip Rouge- Recommended by the super talented makeup artist Lottie Stannard, this is a "lip" product that also works really well for cheeks. As of lately, I've been really getting into gel & cream blushes, since my skin has gotten infinitely better lately. I really am curious with this brand!
And although I'm posting this beauty wishlist now, there will be a new one on Sunday as well. I'm trying to keep this weekly!

Anything on your beauty wishlists? 


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