Beauty Wishlist Vol. 4

Beauty Wishlist Vol. 4

posted on: 9.25.2011

It's just another super rainy and thunder-y day here in Florida, which means homewo shopping online time! I have way too much fun creating these beauty wishlists. Like... way too much fun. It should be outlawed. But it's not. I digress.

  1. Charlotte Ronson A Summer's Kiss Face and Body Glow- I got a sample of this in my last order and OH. MY. GAWD. It's so pretty! I put it on my chest area and on the top of my cheekbones and I looked positively radiant! I'm a huge fan, so I wouldn't mind buying the full size.
  2. Clarisonic Mia- This product has been on my radar for quite some time, but I can never seem to bring myself to plunk down the dinero for it. I know it'll be a good investment and blah blah blah, but I'm cheap and just can't do it. One day...
  3. Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer- Honestly, I cannot stand Kat Von D, but I've heard people swear by her products. I don't have anything from her line, nor do I have any tattoos that need any concealing (nor do I ever plan on getting any tattoos- I hate needles), but for some of my blemishes, I need an industrial strength concealer. It's between this and the MUFE one, and quite frankly, this one is a bit cheaper. Time to go to Sephora!
  4. Urban Decay Urbanbrow Precision-Tip Brow Tint- I love playing around with my brows and discovering new ways to keep them fabulous, and I'm super intrigued by this. I have pretty thick brows that don't need much filling in, but I hate having to lug around an eyeshadow and angled liner brush with me when I travel. Granted, I could totally use my tinted brow gel, but sometimes I want something with a bit more coverage. This looks perfect! But I'm not sure if it would match my super dark brows. :/
Anything on your beauty wishlists? I wanna hear 'em!


  1. I have the clarisonic but I heard the Olay one is just as good, it was on The Doctors too

  2. Oooh I'll have to check that out! Thanks for the suggestion Jessica :)


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