I Would Like Your Input!

I Would Like Your Input!

posted on: 9.22.2011

Hellllllo! Instead of writing a completely irrelevant introduction paragraph about nonsense that literally nobody cares about, I'm just going to get right into what I have to say (although I guess you could totally say that I just wrote a completely irrelevant introduction statement... Whuuuutever!). ANYWAYS, I need your help. Yes, you! You sitting behind your computer reading my small and slightly insignificant blog! Yay! Audience participation! Party time!

Anyways, I would really love to make this blog much more consistent, with weekly features that you can expect (and possibly look forward to??) each week. So far, I only have one consistent weekly feature, which is the beauty wishlist feature. Which I have way too much fun typing up because I believe I am a chronic shopaholic. But I digress.

So what do YOU, my lovely readers want to see? It can be related to literally anything. Originally, my purpose for Brikasia Beauty Blog was to keep it strictly beauty-related, posting reviews and all that jazz. But then I realized how horrible I am at taking pictures of swatches (seriously, why is it SO hard to get a decent picture of an eyeshadow swatch?! What am I doing wrong?!?), so I kinda stopped with the reviews. Then I also realized I don't have a major haul every two days with new products I just purchased because I am a poor college student and I really can't be buying new things constantly. Am I rambling? Sorry.

What exactly was I getting to? Oh, that's right. My blog. I don't know why I'm so airheaded lately! Anyways, I also try to keep my blog atmosphere very light and chilled out. I want this blog to be relatable to you guys, and I want to keep it fun! Most beauty blogs keep the tone uber-serious, and I totally did not want that for this blog. I want you guys to know I have a personality! While *hopefully* not showing too much of my crazy. Which has probably been pretty unsuccessful. One of my favorite blogs to read is Shrinkle's (the owner of Sugarpill) because her posts are so hilarious to read, and whenever I see a new post from her on Google Reader, I pee my pants a little (I need to start doing my Kegel exercises so this doesn't happen again...). Don't get me wrong, I still ready everyone who I follow's blogs because I too genuinely enjoy reading them, but I feel like Shrinkle's is a breath of fresh air! And that is kind of what I want my blog to be like. And after this long ramble, I probably just offended you. I'm sorry :(

All offending and rambling aside, let me know in the comments what you want to see! Nothing is off limits (except nudes- guh-rossss), and it can be anything beauty-related, fashion-related, personal life-related, etc.! Thank you all so much in advance for your feedback! xo

PS: I redid the blog layout! So much more fun :)


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