Missoni for Target

Missoni for Target

posted on: 9.17.2011

As most of you know by now, Missoni recently designed a huge 400 piece collection for Target here in the States this past Tuesday. It was a complete madhouse! Fortunately for me, I live in a practically style-less and completely untrendy beach town filled with people who are completely oblivious to designer labels, so I was able to go late Tuesday afternoon and snatch up some cute things. Unfortunately for me, apparently all the Targets by me are low-volume stores, which means they didn't get the whole entire Missoni for Target collection, which basically translated means that my Target got the bare minimum. Regardless of this fact, I picked up five items that I'm suuuuper excited about. Three of which are scarves. Which is completely impractical because it is still 95 degrees in Florida and I probably wear scarves about two weeks out of the year. You can stop judging me now!

I also picked up this super awesome ruana in black, which is pretty much just a fancy name for a shawl. I love it! It is so perfect for when I'm in class or in church or wherever and I get cold, I can just drape it over my shoulders and be warm. Yay! I also picked up a super awesome sweater jacket thing, which is a little tight but I don't even care. It's snug and cozy and awesome. Then I got a silk scarf, a regular scarf and an infinity scarf! I've always wanted an infinity scarf so I'm super stoked about that one. I'm also super stoked for the silk scarf because I can use it as a headwrap too! Yippy!

So that is my whole Missoni for Target haul. I was looking online and they have so many other cute items (one piece bathing suit... I'm looking at you!) but pretty much everything is sold out! Whomp, whomp. I even took the time to try on my new purchases and photograph it, but unfortunately the pictures came out super blurry. My dog Chip was on my bed, visibly annoyed at my photography efforts.
Chip was not remotely impressed
Anywho, I'm excited for the cooler weather (whenever it decides to reach Florida) to wear my new Missoni items!

Were you able to score anything from the Missoni for Target collection?


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