An Open Letter To: Tweezers

An Open Letter To: Tweezers

posted on: 9.29.2011

To my nearest and dearest Tweezerman tweezers,

As much as you make my eyebrows looks presentable and completely flawless, and as much as you look so cute sitting on my desk, looking all pink and shiny... Why must you hurt me so? For such a small and essentially unassuming pair of tweezers, the amount of pain that you inflict on me never ceases to astound me!

Before I crossed over into the realm of eyebrow obsession, people always told me to get my brows waxed. Yet for years I saw my mother with her pair of tweezers, never even flinching as she pulled stray hairs from her brow. Defiantly, I basically told people to shove off, and took my eyebrows into my own hands, and purchased a pair of you, because based on reviews online, you were the only way to go.

I knew the first time would be painful; it would probably be red for a few days. But I continuously told myself that beauty=pain! No pain, no gain. The second time hurt as well, as did the third time... It went on and on. You never stopped hurting me, tweezers! Why is it that you don't seem to hurt anyone else, except me?? I have to make sure I have no eye makeup on, because I'll probably smudge my eye makeup. All because of you, tweezers. All because of you.

I'm sure I'm not the first woman you've hurt, and I'm sure I'm not the last. But for the time being, I beg of you, stop hurting so damn bad!

A Beauty Scorned

PS: As much as you continue to hurt me, I'll still use you. Because damnit, you make my eyebrows look something fierce!


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