Beauty Essentials For: Me, Myself & I

Beauty Essentials For: Me, Myself & I

posted on: 10.29.2011

Welcome to the first blog post in Brikasia's newest series, "Beauty Essentials For:" (and then you get to fill in the blank after! Neatttt)! This edition of Beauty Essentials For:, or BEF for short, will be a post about what I absolutely cannot live without. Literally.
I'm a fairly simple girl, but when it comes to my cosmetics, I'm downright ridiculous. That being said, normal people can narrow down their absolute beauty essentials down to three products; one if they're that kind of person. Myself? Well... I was able to narrow it down to fourteen. Don't judge me! I promise I'm not high maintenance. I didn't include my skincare essentials because I am saving that post for another day. So let's get on with my Beauty Essentials!

  1. Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + Foundation- Seriously my holy grail foundation. At the moment, I'm in between shades. I have this foundation in 20 (my palest) and in 35 (my tannest). So when I'm in that awkward not-pale but not-tan phase in my life, I just mix both foundations together.
  2. Bite Lip Rouge in Geranium- I will be discussing this product further in my September/October Favorites video (which should hopefully be going up tomorrow or on Monday), but I just recently discovered this product and kinda sorta realized I can't really live without it. It's a great multi-tasking product; it works great for the cheeks and the lips.
  3. Makeup Forever HD Finishing Powder- I love this stuff. So, so much. And the full size product will last you FOREVER. Maybe that's why the brand is named "Makeup Forever". Their products literally last me forever. That's besides the point though. This keeps my makeup locked down forever (there goes that word again)!
  4. Benefit Boi-ing Concealer- I know that this is supposed to be mainly for the under-eye area, but this is a really great concealer to cover up blemishes and other ungodly spots on your face. I am shade Number 2- medium.
  5. Makeup Forever Aqua Cream- I love the MUFE Aqua Creams. I don't even need primer for this. This is shade #15, which is perfect for an all over lid color, or I can just throw it in the crease for funzies. 
  6. Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink- No matter how many liquid and pencil liners I try, I always end up with my all-time favorite eyeliner, this gel liner. I don't know why, but I prefer gel liner to every other medium of eyeliner out there. I find it easier to work with than the other kinds, and I'm not quite sure why.
  7. Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara- No other mascara works as well as this one for my bottom lashes. None.
  8. Tweezerman Tweezers- No way, no how am I going to ever let me brows get unruly again. Those days are behind me.
  9. Benefit They're Real Mascara- I don't particularly care if a mascara volumizes my lashes or not, but I'm all about the length. And this mascara makes my lashes look super long and gorgeous.
  10. Anastacia Tinted Brow Gel- This adds a wee bit of color to my brows and locks them in place- I'm shade Brunette. What more could I ask for?
  11. Jack Black Lip Balm- This is literally magic on my lips.
  12. MAC 217 Brush- The only eye brush I'll ever need.
  13. Real Techniques Blush Brush- This is perfect to use for both powder and blush. And is also really good for contouring.
  14. Random Art Store "Spotter" brush- This is the best eyeliner brush I have ever come across. It only cost $3 and the bristles have never gone amok on me. Perfect companion to my gel liner.
Those are my absolute essentials. Like, if you left me on a desert island, just please allow me these fourteen items and I'll be content. I'd also require clothing and food and stuff, but cosmetics-wise, this is all I need!

What are your beauty essentials?


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