Hipster Four Eyes

Hipster Four Eyes

posted on: 10.05.2011

Ever since I was 9 years old, I have had the misfortune (or fortune, depending on your perspective) of being super duper blind. Okay, I'm definitely not blind (my prescription is a mere -2.50, not bad compared to some), but I've been stuck wearing glasses for ten years. Ten!! I finally got a new pair of glasses today and it's official... I'm a hipster.

All joking aside, I desperately needed a new glasses. My last glasses were some ridiculously expensive Juicy Couture frames that I bought four years ago, when I was going through my Juicy craze. I was seriously all Juicy'ed out- the only thing I never ever allowed myself to get from Juicy were those horrendous sweatpants that said Juicy across the butt.. Seriously, who wants their butt to be labeled as Juicy?! I will never understand.

I heard about this website called bonlook.com, where they sell retro prescription glasses for only $99 (which is cheap compared to my $250 Juicy frames). I'm always really skeptical about buying prescription anything online, but I took a chance with Bonlook because my eye doctor only stocks butt-ugly vieja glasses (side note- vieja in spanish is old lady). I just got these glasses in today, and I am in love! I have been dying to own a pair of hipster frames- and now I am the proud owner of these. I am one step closer to becoming the highly-coveted hipster!

Anyways, the moral of this story is that I love my super awesome retro glasses. For future reference, you can purchase your next pair of prescription glasses/sunglasses HERE at Bonlook. Also for future reference, the pair I'm sporting in the above picture are the Hooverville Blacks. J'adore!


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