Face of the Day for November 5, 2011

Face of the Day for November 5, 2011

posted on: 11.06.2011

Last night I went to a friend's bachelorette party. It was actually referred to as a "lingerie" party, and the guests had to arrive wearing lingerie-esque clothes, or something "sexy". Now anyone who knows me knows that I am literally the anti-sexy. I typically do not feel comfortable parading around half naked. HOWEVER, this was a girls-only party at a friend's house and no cameras were allowed (thank god). I didn't know what to wear and I didn't really want to buy raunchy lingerie for me to wear on this one night, so I had an old dance costume that was pretty sexy-ish, so I slapped that on. I  put a leotard underneath it so my boobs didn't hang out of the costume. A girl can never be too careful!

So silly me forgot to get a decent full clothes shot, and full makeup shot. These were taken on my phone so you can't really see what was going on. I was kind of aiming for Asian Harlot, and it was pretty well received so I think I did a pretty good job! Ha!

What the pictures don't show is that the costume had a SUPER high slit, that if I wasn't wearing a leotard, my cooter would be out on display. Gotta love my old dance costumes! It was a fun night, and let's just say I am absolutely thankful no cameras were present at this party... ;)

Costume is from Fredericks of Hollywood, with individual Swarovski crystals glued onto certain parts. I wore black ballet flats, and tied my hair up into a bun. Makeupwise, I did a bronze smokey eye using the Naked Palette and did a cat-eye liner, contoured my cheeks, put a dash of blush on, and for lipstick I just used the Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Color in Punch Drunk. Fun times!


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