Things That Need To Be Discussed: My Love For Lipstick

Things That Need To Be Discussed: My Love For Lipstick

posted on: 11.16.2011

Technically, I could have made this into another "Open Letters" blog post, but I feel like a legitimate discussion needs to happen on this topic. I love lipstick. I don't exactly remember when this love came to fruition, but I do know that it happened, and I'm not remotely ashamed of it. Growing up, I was anti-lip products in general. Then around middle school, thanks to the pleas of my concerned mother, I caved and wore Clinique lip gloss. Real lipstick frightened me. I always associated lipstick with my elementary school principal, a very large, matronly woman who drove her fancy Jaguar car into school everyday with this horrifying, bright red lipstick that always bled outside her lip lines. Yea, that image is not pleasant at all.

Enter high school. My hatred for lipstick grew even stronger! I was a dancer, and for recitals we had to wear this horrifying bright red lipstick from Revlon. Something even more horrifying: we all shared the same tube of lipstick. There were well over thirty of us. Gross! Well, I should actually mention here that this is a bit of an over-exaggeration on my part, because my mother made sure nobody shared their cosmetics with me. But I'm pretty sure some girls swiped my lipstick without me noticing. Regardless, this is still completely "ew" worthy.

It wasn't until after high school when I started really getting into lipsticks. I wanted a bright lip color for summer, and lip gloss was just not cutting it. So I ventured into the MAC store with my mother, and came out with a lip liner and a cremesheen lip gloss. Yea, so definitely not what I was hoping to come out with. It was a start though! The lip liner was definitely a start. About a month later, I went back to the MAC store, and demanded a bright pink lipstick. Okay, well, "demanded" is a pretty strong word. With all those snotty MAC employees, I could probably have demanded something all day and not have gotten a single thing. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. ANYWAYS, I had my eyes on this bubblegum pink lipstick (I don't remember the shade- it was limited edition though), but they were SOLD OUT. Slightly depressed, I sauntered over to the lipstick display when "the one" caught my eye. It was the perfect bright pink, and I knew from that moment on that my heart's devotion went to lipsticks.

A tad dramatic, no? But it's true! My first lipstick purchase was a MAC lipstick in Chatterbox. To this day, I am still deeply in love with MAC Chatterbox. It is so underrated! I'm surprised more people aren't obsessed with it like I am. It isn't too crazy bright, but it isn't too crazy boring. It's the perfect medium! From then on out, I have over 20 MAC lipsticks, and a new life goal (which is such a horrible life goal, I know, but whatever): to try and own all MAC lipsticks. They're my favorite! I can't even explain why. Plus, they come in handy whenever I'm freelancing. I'm sure I can get them cheaper elsewhere, but I just love the MAC lipsticks. That is probably the only thing I get from MAC anymore. It's crazy!

So that was my long and completely dragged out story about my love for lipsticks. I'm not sure if this'll actually happen or not, but perhaps we can start up a discussion here on how you discovered your love for lipsticks/glosses/lip products in general! I'm ready to hear your thoughts! :)


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