And I'm Back!

And I'm Back!

posted on: 12.30.2011

Andddddd I'm back home! I actually got home yesterday, but I pretty much just spent the day in hibernation mode, since I was basically sleep deprived from my trip. Now you may be left wondering, "Where on earth did you go, Brianna?" And the answer is: The Caribbean! I took a 5 day cruise with my family on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas and we went to both Belize and Cozumel, Mexico. It was fabulous! I'm actually rather sunburned from my trip (apparently my SPF had nothing on the Caribbean sun), and I'm peeling like a mofo, so probably you won't see a new video from me for another week. Sorry!

Anyways, for this post, I just thought I would tell you guys a little bit about my trip, along with some outfits I wore. Now, I didn't really go out of my way to take outfit and makeup pictures (since I was on fricken' vacation!), but I did manage to take pictures of like, 3 of my outfits, but they aren't good pictures, so I apologize in advance. This is *obviously* going to be a personal post, so if you have no interest in reading about my cruise, then you don't have to. For those of you who are interested, go check out the rest of my pictures after the jump!

So I won't bore you with every detail of my trip, but the ship was pretty awesome. I've been on the Freedom of the Seas (which is basically the same exact ship, just different name) and had a great time on it too. There's a miniature golf course, rock climbing wall, Flowrider (surf simulator), Johnny Rockets, Ben & Jerry's, and so many other awesome things on it too. I'm too lazy to list everything on the ship, so I'll just direct you to Royal Caribbean's website.

First things first, I will just show you guys the outfit pictures I did manage to take. Nothing too exciting really, so don't hold your breath.

I wore this outfit the first night, and I wore my new favorite blazer! I got it at H&M, and do you see how fricken awesome the elbow pads are?! I can't even. 
Blazer- H&M; Beige Shirt- H&M; Jeggings- Delia's; Shoes- Urban Outfitters

For formal night, I busted out this pretty, ruffly black dress that I actually wore for my graduation party back in the summer of 2010. I know, it's practically vintage. If you're curious about the makeup, my HBIC Makeup Tutorial is basically what I wore.
Dress- Anthropologie; Shoes- Madden Girl

This was from some random night where we had to dress "smart" casual. Whatever that means. I just threw on one of my favorite floral dresses and a blazer on top and BAM! I was smartly casual. Or whatever.
Dress- H&M; Blazer- Urban Outfitters; Necklace- Passed down to me from my great grandma; Ring- Charming Charlie

Now onto the fun stuff! Like I mentioned earlier, I went to both Belize and Mexico. In Belize, we picked a shore excursion that was basically just a big snorkel-fest. We went to this little island off of Belize (and when I say off of Belize, I mean a 40 minute boat ride away from Belize) called Rendezvous Caye. It was nice, but there was no food on the island! And no booze! All they had were bananas and water. And if you were daring enough to climb one of the trees, you could possibly get a coconut, but good luck cracking that crap open.

I was super sleepy, so I didn't go snorkeling. My dad and sister went snorkeling, while my mom and I just stayed behind and hung out at the island, people watching. The island itself was super gorgeous, and we did go in the water for a little bit.

 Oh, and I'm not sure if you can tell from these pictures, but the island was ridiculously small. But pretty nonetheless!

The day after we went to Belize, we went to Mexico. I have been to Cozumel about 4 or 5 times, and we do something different every time we go. For the record, I freaking love Cozumel. The food is crazy delicious. Nothing beats authentic Mexican food!

This time, we did this Jeep and Snorkel shore excursion. It was a 6 and a half hour dealio, and I got MAJOR sunburn from the whole day. It was exhausting, but so much fun. We saw the whole entire island, and it was completely beautiful. Our first stop, however, was snorkeling. The water was even more gorgeous than Belize's water, but ridiculously cold. And slightly dangerous.
The top picture is of me being freezing in the water, the bottom picture shows how rocky and slightly dangerous these waters were. Fun times had by all!
After this and being stung by some tiny whatever in the water, we went to the parking lot where all the Jeeps were. It was in some super sketchy ally, where this was on the walls:
Totally not sketchy warning & homemade target on a tree, right?
My poor mother, who was super paranoid from just being in Mexico, was even more sketched out by this excursion. I honestly could not stop laughing. Anyways, from here, we rode out on our completely unsafe Jeeps (all the seatbelts were broken and we had no rear-view mirror) and took a tour of Cozumel. We went to several different beaches that were so insanely beautiful, I just wanted to jump in. Unfortunately, the current was super strong and there were a ton of rip tides happening, sooooo I did not venture in.
I didn't edit this picture at all- LOOK HOW GORGEOUS THAT WATER WAS
Then we went to my favorite stop- TEQUILA HACIENDA! Basically, we just went to this place where they actually make tequila. It was pretty awesome.

The top left picture was the sign in the front of the hacienda. Apparently in Mexico, they like to call their bathrooms "pee pee stations". The top right picture is a photo of the tequila hacienda. The bottom left picture is self explanatory, and the bottom right picture is of the blue agave plants where tequila is made from. We also had a tequila tasting, and I sampled soooo many different kinds of tequila (I think we tried 10-12 kinds of tequila?). Needless to say, I left a happy (and possibly a little buzzed) girl.

From there, we went to another beach and restaurant, where we had an awesome authentic Mexican lunch and lots o' beer. After that, the tour was over and we headed back to the ship. Basically, it was an awesome day, where I got super sunburned and ate and drank like a king (queen?).

Those were basically the highlights of my trip, so I will stop boring you now. Thanks for reading this! And I'll speak to you guys next year! 


  1. I have always wanted to go on a cruise! The beaches are so beautiful!

  2. You should definitely do one! At least a 3 day one to the Bahamas, they're tons of fun!

  3. the colour of the water is so beautyful. It s like a dream.

  4. This post just made my heart skip a beat. I sailed on LOS l2 years ago, and it was AMAZING! Such a great ship, and I LOVE RC! Your trip looked fabulous!

  5. I love RC too! Ah so much. Thank you!


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