Beauty Wishlist Vol. 11

Beauty Wishlist Vol. 11

posted on: 12.13.2011

  1. Hourglass Aura Sheer Cheek Stain- This is probably the product I've heard the most about in the past couple of weeks. I think it's the applicator itself that I find the most intriguing- but the price tag definitely is keeping me away from this. Seriously, $45? Not necessary!
  2. Givenchy L'Or Celeste Starry Loose Powder- This is the coooooolest thing ever, in my opinion. I'm sure by now you're sick of my lady crush on Mindy Kaling, but I first heard about this product through her. She recommended it, and I obviously had to check it out. This is a spray that sprays a shimmering powder wherever you want it. This is the classier version of body glitter from the 90s!
  3. Urban Decay Stardust Sparkling Lip Gloss- Urban Decay is definitely one of my favorite brands ever, but some of their products are complete misses (I'm looking at you, Stardust Eyeshadows!) I swatched these lip glosses at Ulta the other day and OH MY GOD. I'm obsessed. They are so beautiful and pigmented. I just got a 20% off coupon from Ulta the other day, and I am pretty sure I'm going to use it on this lip gloss. It looks perfect for layering!
Anything catch your eye lately?


  1. I want the Givenchy!! I have also heard great things abt it...
    anywaz u have an interesting informative blog ....How abt we follow each other dear?? I would love to catch up with more of ur new posts!!! Xoxo


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