Curly Girl Problems: Flat Irons and Me

Curly Girl Problems: Flat Irons and Me

posted on: 12.22.2011

Ever since I was a little girl, I was notorious for my wild curls that just couldn't be tamed. This was in the 90s, when big hair was in. I know, I know, it's hard to believe there was a time where big hair was "in". Crazy isn't it?

In elementary school, I would let my grandma cut my hair, and being a grandma, she would always cut my hair too short. When I say too short, I mean unevenly and cut just at my shoulders, which in the land of curls means POOF POOF POOF. I was the petite little girl with hair larger than her actual body. Yea, it was bad.

Fast forward to when I was in middle school, my mom wanted to experiment with straightening my hair using a blow dryer. Mind you, she had never done this before, and she decided I would make the perfect guinea pig. I didn't know better, and was desperate to tame my afro-esque hair. After close to three hours of blow drying, I had newscaster hair. It was not an attractive look. After that traumatizing experience, I didn't even consider straightening my hair ever again. I was stuck with a fro of curls for the rest of my life.

Fast forward again to high school, when flat irons were all the rage. My mom somehow convinced me to straighten my hair again, this time using a flat iron. I threatened her that if I had newscaster hair again, I'd go to a lawyer's office and demand to be emancipated from my family forever. (Ed note: I was in high school, therefore I was always theatrically overdramatic) She made sure my hair was pin straight, and again after a painstaking three hours, I turn around to look in the mirror and BAM! My hair was pin straight! So sleek! So shiny! So... soft! All these things that you don't really get when your hair is curly! I was amazed.

As a curly girl who has learned from past mistakes, I think straightening your curls every now and then is okay. But when you try to escape from your curls permanently and straighten your hair daily, or even-gasp!- permanently straighten your hair, it is almost as if you are denying who you are as a person! Personally, I believe it is important for curly girls to embrace the curls they were given, because it is unique and it makes us stand out! I probably straighten my hair 3 to 4 times a year, and although I love how easy it is to get ready in the mornings, I hate how uniform I look. My curly hair is my trademark! I look too much like the other girls, and almost like I'm dying to fit in with everyone else. With my curly hair, my friends can recognize me from a distance. I don't like looking like everyone else. Also, my curly hair is what helps other people recognize that I am Hispanic, which, when you are as pale as me, you love when people actually recognize you're a fiesty Latina. As annoying as curly hair can be, it is the one thing that really makes me stand out from the crowd and has a personality of its own. Embrace the curls!


  1. WOW you do look really different with straight hair!!
    You look great either way!! ^___^

    I have the same stories when I was young with le super poofy shoulder length hair, I looked crazy!
    But my Mom was a pro at blow drying her own curly stubborn hair and managed help me too.

    But after HS finished all of a sudden my hair turned wavy/straight.
    I'm happy with it though but sometimes miss my curls :)


  2. Aw thank you chica! The same thing happened to my mom when she was younger! Now she has wavy hair that she straightens every day. Your hair is gorgeous too though! :) xo


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