Outfit of the Day: December 1, 2011

Outfit of the Day: December 1, 2011

posted on: 12.01.2011

The weather is finally a whole lot cooler here in Florida, and has been in the high 60s-low 70s this whole week. Which, of course, to us Floridians warrants sweaters, scarves, and boots. Today I went thrifting with my aunt who is from New Jersey, and she was walking around in a tank top and shorts, mocking us Floridians who were all bundled up. Whatever!
I don't know why I am too lazy to use a decent camera to take pictures of my outfit. I think I feel too awkward asking a family member to take pictures of my outfit -_-
Fun fact: I suck at thrifting. We went to a Goodwill distribution center, and I really have no patience to sift through all those clothes. There's so much ugly! Ugh. But I did find a really cute BCBG Max Azria short-sleeved wool blazer for only $2.85. Um. Nothing I own is that cheap, I don't think. Ridiculous! I almost crapped my pants. Almost.
Safety pin tank top: H&M
Black sweater: American Eagle
Black jeans: Delia's
Black boots: Dolce Vita

Makeup-wise, I kept it simple. I just recently purchased the MAC shadow in Patina, and I'm obsessed! I just have that on the lid, with MAC Copperplate in the crease, and MAC Print smoked up from the lashline. And Bobbi Brown Black Gel liner, of course. On the cheeks, I used a combination of NYX Glow Cream Blush and Stila Convertible Color in Peony. Lipwise, I used Milani HD Lip Color in Cotton Candy, with Revlon Colorburst lip gloss in Peach (or whatever it's called) on my lips. Bam!


  1. Love the boots! Your make up looks really pretty and natural too :)
    www.celestecohen.blogspot.com xo


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