You Need This: OCC Lip Tars

You Need This: OCC Lip Tars

posted on: 12.14.2011

In this day and age, it is really hard to have a stand-out product that will be a hit with consumers everywhere that is both unique and wallet friendly. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has definitely found its niche in the beauty world, producing the very talked about and much loved product, the Lip Tar.

I have a deep love for lipstick, which has been discussed before, and when I first came onto the beauty blogging scene, OCC was gaining in popularity. Honestly, I was completely hesitant to try these out, but I eventually caved and purchased a couple. When I tried it out, it was love at first application! I didn't believe that these would stay on my lips all day without even budging, but to my disbelief, they really did! I ate, drank, talked way too much... And it still looked like I had just applied it. Shenanigans!

From a freelance standpoint, these are absolute must-haves in my kit. These are so perfect for special events where a client doesn't want to continuously touch up their lips. If you want to try these out for your kit, the one shade I absolutely recommend is Hush, which is this beautiful fleshy, natural pink. It has also been described as the perfect bridal pink, which I completely agree. I probably use this shade the most out of all the other ones I own (pictured above), because it looks great on all skintones. For darker skintones, I like to use a darker lip liner to line and shade the lips, then apply this on top. The perfect natural pout!

I obviously don't own all the lip tar shades, but I do hope to eventually own them all! They are known for their crazy lip shades, and these are perfect for mixing. My color recommendations are Hush, Clear, Feathered, Tarred, Trollop, Stalker, & Queen. And if you're a MUA, apply for their pro discount! An extra 30% off their products never hurt anybody! Also, if you hurry now, you can get your hands on a lip tar box set, where you get 5 awesome lip tars AND a brush for $50! You need these in your life! Go!


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