Beauty Wishlist Vol. 13

Beauty Wishlist Vol. 13

posted on: 1.23.2012

Happy Monday everyone! You may be wondering why I seem to be so enthusiastic on a Monday of all days, but I'm still riding a high from last night when the New York Giants beat the 49ers and are well on their way to the Superbowl in a couple of weeks against the New England Patriots. Obviously, I am a huge Giants fan, and am getting my Eli Manning football jersey ready for the Superbowl party I will be having.

But enough about football! Here is yet another edition of Beauty Wishlist!

  1. Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain- This is the latest and hottest product out of the YSL beauty house, and from what I can tell, these look awesome. I hate lip stains because they dry the crap out of my lips, but this formula is supposed to deliver a glossy look with the lasting power of a stain. Anyone have $32 to spare so I can try this out? ;)
  2. Benefit Sun Beam- To add to their collection of liquid highlighters and cheek/lip stains, Benefit just created Sun Beam, which is supposed to be "liquid sunshine in a bottle". Their words, not mine. Kinda cheesy, I know. Anyways, I'm curious to swatch this and see how it would look with my complexion. I'm sure this would look absolutely radiant on darker skintones though!
  3. Alterna 1 Night Highlights- THIS IS SO COOL. This product basically creates "salon-quality" highlights in your hair that are completely temporary! As in, they wash right out after you shampoo your hair. Want to play around with highlights but don't want the commitment? Then this is probably the product for you. And the price isn't completely ridiculous! I need to try this out.
Any beauty products catch your eye lately?


  1. This selection is amazing, a bit out of my price range, but still amazing.


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