Blazers: A Fashion Essential

Blazers: A Fashion Essential

posted on: 1.18.2012

If there is one piece of clothing that I think every person needs to own, it's a blazer. A blazer is a piece that can transform an outfit from daytime blah to nighttime fabulous. And of course a blazer isn't just for the office anymore. No, in fact, I see plenty of women sporting blazers over vintage t-shirts and jeans for a bit of an unexpected twist.

In typical Brianna fashion, it took me 18 years to catch on that blazers just weren't for men. I had this weird vendetta against blazers, and at the moment, I have no idea why! Now I absolutely cannot live without the four (I know, it's tragic that I only have four) blazers that are currently residing in my closet.

As spring approaches, I am absolutely positive we are going to see more and more blazers being sported out on the streets. However, these blazers aren't going to be in boring black or neutral colors. I have a feeling we will be seeing more and more brightly colored blazers being sported by some fierce women over the spring. Here are three of my picks for blazers!

  1. Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer, Urban Outfitters, $78
  2. Contrast Button Blazer, Forever 21, $29.80
  3. Sparkle & Fade Ponte Blazer, Urban Outfitters, $59
I want #1 in all the colors available. Especially that bright pink. It belongs in my closet!

How do you feel about blazers?


  1. Love the first one, the shape, the length, everything is perfect.

  2. you read my mind! I so need a blazer!!!

  3. I literally dream about the first one quite frequently lol. Need it!


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