Golden Globes 2012 Fashion Recap!

Golden Globes 2012 Fashion Recap!

posted on: 1.17.2012

Alright ladies and gentlemen! I know this is a day late, but I wanted to give you all a break from the Golden Globes coverage that you were bombarded with yesterday. Now I'm going to warn you: these are my opinions on the fashion choices made, not the makeup. Honestly, red carpet makeup tends to bore me because it all looks the same. I know it isn't, but I don't feel like wasting my breath on it. Since this is going to be a rather extensive breakdown, I decided to be kind and have my complete breakdown after the jump! (ps how freaking adorable was Uggie the dog from 'The Artist'? He totally deserved his own Golden Globe!)

Fashion Favorites (in no particular order)

Charlize Theron
I think this was hands down my favorite dress of the evening. I love Charlize's fashion choices, and this dress was no exception. This color looks marvelous on Charlize, and the dress is just so unique and stunning!

Amy Poehler
A lot of people hated this dress, but I thought she rocked it! I don't have the picture of the back of the dress, but it is absolutely stunning! I think this dress is perfect for Amy and very age appropriate.

Diane Lane
Okay, how old is Diane Lane? Because she looks amazing! This dress is so gorgeous on her, and I'm really surprised I didn't see her on more best dressed lists.

Emma Stone
I love Emma Stone so, so much. This dress is definitely one of my favorites from the night. The colors of her dress look so great on her. The only issue I have with her styling is her makeup. Her eye makeup was too dark and overdone, I think it should have been a bit lighter.

Evan Rachel Wood
The color of this dress is just so stunning, I can't even... Ugh. So gorgeous.

Helen Mirren
You guys, Helen Mirren is the classic example of an HBIC. Flawless.

Jessica Alba
Even though I have no idea what Jessica Alba was doing at the Golden Globes, I must say that I really do enjoy her dress. It's definitely different, but that color looks really good on her.

Laura Dern
This dress is GORGEOUS! I love the color, and the dress looks amazing on Laura. She has a great figure and this dress really emphasizes that.

Octavia Spencer
I loooooved Octavia's performance in The Help, she really made the movie for me. She looked so stunning on the red carpet, and I literally screamed when she won a Golden Globe. I'm sure we'll see her winning an Oscar soon too!

Salma Hayek
People were hating on this dress left and right, but I actually kind of like it. It is a very unique dress, but I think it looks great on her. I don't think anyone else could have really pulled it off like Salma did.

Sarah Hyland
This dress is so gorgeous and looks great on Sarah. I'm not too crazy about the black belt/sash/thingamabob, but it just works, ya know?

Viola Davis
Viola rocked the crap out of this dress. This was such a great dress choice for her, and the styling was great. She just needs to work on her posture.

Fashion Fails (in no particular order)
Angelina Jolie
I think she is a fabulous actress, but I normally hate Jolie's fashion choices. Also, was it just me or was she looking extra skinny? Eat a hamburger (or ten)!

Dianna Agron
I honestly don't know why so many people were raving over Dianna's dress. I really loathe this dress. I don't think it does much for her, and the top half of the dress just looks uncomfortable.

Freida Pinto
Freida is such a beautiful woman, but why would she choose to wear this lifeless sack? If the dress was form fitting, it would look amazing. The color of the dress is beautiful, but the shape? Not so much.

Kelly Osbourne 
Just no.

Lea Michele
I like how Lea Michele is often a fashion risk-taker, but this dress is just too much. I'm not a fan.

Natalie Portman
Again, people were just raving about how great Natalie Portman looked, but I don't think this dress did anything for her. What is up with that fabric just sticking out of her side?

Piper Perabo
I have no idea who this chick is, but this dress is just horrific.

Rooney Mara
Disclaimer: I can't stand Rooney Mara. She is so beautiful, but what ruins it for her is her snobby attitude and poor styling choices. This dress is just flat out ugly, and she kinda looks constipated. 

Sarah Michelle Geller

Zooey Deschanel 
People apparently really liked this dress, but I think it isn't flattering. Also, the styling is just wrong. She should have pulled her hair up and lightened up her eye makeup just a bit. And also wear a different dress.

That's it for my Golden Globes fashion breakdown! I hope I wasn't too obnoxious. Did you have any fashion favorites/fails from Sunday night?

[All images via Yahoo!]


  1. I agree with your fails selection, I am so disappointed with Zooey Deschanel, she is such a beauty... But that dress...


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