New Year & New Resolutions

New Year & New Resolutions

posted on: 1.02.2012

I am one of those people who are still refusing to acknowledge the fact that it is, indeed, 2012. How quickly 2011 went by! I had both the best time and worst time in 2011. It was a crazy roller coaster ride! Definitely one of the highlights of 2011 was travelling to New York to go to IMATS in April, definitely in my top 5 moments of 2011! Another highlight was starting this blog, which I am so happy I did! In case you didn't realize, I completely redid Brikasia's layout, AND I have a new URL! The Brikasia blog's new home is now officially BRIKASIA HAS ITS OWN DOMAIN! I did this in the last few days of 2011, and it was a major accomplishment for me. I am so excited to see where my blog goes!

Now after that brief reminiscing of 2011, it is time to look forward to 2012. Here are some of my new years resolutions for my blog:

  1. Increase traffic on this blog and gain a greater audience.
  2. Post more original and unique content.
  3. Blog consistently at least 4 times a week.
  4. Upload videos more regularly, at least 1-2 times a week!
  5. Continue to interact more regularly on beauty forums to establish new friendships and maintain current friendships.
I think those are the five most important resolutions for the Brikasia blog. Here are some of my personal resolutions (which somehow still have ties to my blog- lol go figure.) :
  1. Be more fashion forward and adventurous- wear things I normally wouldn't.
  2. Tone up! Losing weight isn't really a priority for me since I'm already naturally petite, but I need to tone up and get buff!
  3. Eat healthier. I already eat fairly well, until it comes to dessert. Seriously, I can and will eat anything with chocolate. Chocolate is my downfall!
  4. Stop impulse buying. Before purchasing anything, I will question myself whether the product is a necessary item, or just something I "want". Will I ever use this item? Do I have something similar to the item? Do I really need this item?
Those are just a few of my personal resolutions. I have more, but I would like to keep those strictly in my head. What are your new years resolutions? I would love to hear about them and be inspired!


  1. That's awesome! What a great post. I share most of your same resolutions, both for your blog and personal :) Gosh, 2011 went by so fast, didn't it?? I still can't believe it either. Now I have to get used to writing 2012 everywhere! lol

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  3. Sorry did not like the format of my original comment...
    went all out from left to right & was like HUH!?!
    So here goes # 2...

    Your list of things sounds like mine too...
    can we share? Please!?! They sound great!

    1. Increase traffic on this blog and gain a greater audience. - ME TOO!
    (Well on my blogs ha! I have too many...maybe I should cut back, ya think!?!)

    2. Post more original and unique content. - ME TOO!

    3. Blog consistently at least 4 times a week.- ME TOO!
    (Seriously hard with ADD but I have to try!)

    4.Upload videos more regularly, at least 1-2 times a week! - ME TOO!
    (Ummm have yet to figure out what to use my YouTube
    for other than travel vids & the kiddie stuff I have on it now,
    but Monetizing them is great encouragement...cha-ching!)

    5. Continue to interact more regularly on beauty forums
    to establish new friendships and maintain current friendships. - ME TOO!
    (Well not just on beauty forums but yeah...I need to interact
    more frequently...why I'm starting with you now! HA! YAY!)

    I'm trying one of those 365 Photo Projects & made my
    blog here on follow me!
    You should try to make one too, not like you have enough
    to do or anything haha, (being totally sarcastic you know)
    but yeah it should be fun! ; )

    Added a little AdSense to it to see if I can make some spare
    change to help my "Raising 3 boys alone fund" haha!
    No really it's not funny ahaha! I must be delirious!
    I've gone too long without food help!

    Oh & btw, you forgot to add this...

    6. Hook up with Daniela sometime soon (before the end of 2012)
    so we can finally have some photo shoot fun!

    You know I awkwardly feel like one of those insecure girls who
    constantly mumbles to herself when the guy they like
    doesn't call them back! Oh I sound pathetic or what!?!
    HAHA! It's ok, I'm a tough cookie. ; )

    Anyway chica, I'm going to come by more regularly to bug
    you here & give you some support in any way I can.
    I'll even share you with a few of my friends too...
    if I can find some HAHA! Oh slap me already, I'm done!

    Hope to see you visit me sometime soon too!

  4. Huda- 2011 went by SUPER quick! And that's the thing I hate about the new year... Trying to remember to write 2012 on the date! LOL!
    Daniela- I had a dream about you the other night! We were on some really weird adventure in Wal Mart, it was really funny hahah. Yes I really want to do a photo shoot soon! I'll text you soon :)

  5. Lol these are like all my resolutions.

  6. These are awesome resolutions! They sound a lot like mine. Especially the eating healthier/avoiding chocolate thing...Seriously, that stuff is my kryptonite. Sweet, sweet kryptonite.

    PS: I love your blog--I found it by googling for what NARS Nico looks like on fair skin. :)

  7. Thank you so much! NARS Nico is one of my favorite products!


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