Peter Pan Collars: Hot or Not?

Peter Pan Collars: Hot or Not?

posted on: 1.06.2012

Lately I've noticed a huge trend in something I used to personally loathe: peter pan collars. The peter pan collar got its namesake from the Disney classic, Peter Pan. It is very popular with young children and *obviously* now women. The interesting thing about the classic peter pan collar is how modest the neckline is, compared to the necklines we're used to seeing nowadays, which typically involves a whole lot of cleavage.

Some people like peter pan collars, others do not. Personally, this trend has definitely grown on me and I am now coveting a blouse or dress with a peter pan collar. I've narrowed down four of my personal favorites.

  1. Vero Moda Blouse with Peter Pan Collar from ASOS, $36
  2. Frenchi Peter Pan Collar Blouse from Nordstrom, $44
  3. Lucca Couture Lace-Collar Blouse from Urban Outfitters, $59
  4. Violet Recital Dress from, $58
I personally am seriously in clothing-love with the Lucca Couture blouse. I might have to splurge on that one.

How do you feel about the peter pan collar trend?


  1. Peter Pan collars are very cute but it depends on the person's style and attitude to be able to pull off this look.

    I think this looks cute for petite and doll-like people. Edgy people will have a challenge to pull of this look. Well that's just my opinion :)

    Style is Eternal

  2. Yes I completely agree! Definitely perfect for petite girls.

  3. These collars might look cute, but in my opinion they're very hard to style 'cause they're so "conservative". But if you are petite and put some effort in your styling they look really fashionable!
    xx from Italy

  4. I think it would look good on certain people and if the collar is a bit lower, like the first one

  5. I agree with you ladies! Not a fan of high neckline peter pan collars (I can't even bear to wear turtlenecks) but a looser one is definitely something I'd invest in. Definitely hard to style though!

  6. I absolutely love them!! They are adorable when styled right.

  7. Love the trend!!!
    and totally agree with you the third one is my favorite!!!!
    ..fingers crossed it goes on sale, LOL

    xoxo, maria


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