You Need To See This: The Artist

You Need To See This: The Artist

posted on: 1.25.2012

Two week ago whilst watching the Golden Globes, The Artist was nominated for a bunch of Golden Globes and won several of them as well. My interest was piqued. How was it that a film made in 2011was in black and white, and completely silent, with all of the modern technology that is readily available?

After trolling through Tumblr for a few minutes (*coughHOURScough*), I stumbled upon the soundtrack for the movie. After the first few notes of "George Valentin", I was hooked. Like, I went to iTunes and legally purchased the whole album and had it on a constant loop for a good two weeks. I had to see this movie, but it wasn't available in my area. The nearest theatre that was playing it was over two hours away.

Fast forward to last night, when one of my friends excitedly texted me that The Artist just started playing in our area and on Tuesday nights movie tickets are only $5. So, we obviously went to go see it. I was super excited and prayed that the movie lived up to my expectations, especially since all I had been humming all day was the soundtrack to the movie.

You guys, THIS MOVIE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. The all-caps wasn't completely necessary, but I like to add a dramatic flair to some of my blog posts. Anyways, this movie is totally worth all the hype, and lived up to my expectations. In fact, I would even go so far to say that it exceeded my expectations! I honestly did not think I would enjoy a silent film, but I truly, truly did. It was an amazing experience.

I think I also fell in love with Jean Dujardin, the leading man of the movie. Such a handsome Frenchman! And a fantastic actor. I truly hope he wins Best Actor at the Oscars. In fact, I think that this movie deserves all the awards at the Oscars! If you are able to, please go see this movie. If you love classic musicals (especially Singin' In The Rain with Gene Kelly), you will enjoy this movie. Also, find a way to hear the soundtrack. It's marvelous! Check out the trailer below!

ps- this movie also inspired me to do a 20s-esque makeup tutorial. be on the lookout for that soon!


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