Curly Girl Problems: Haircuts

Curly Girl Problems: Haircuts

posted on: 2.09.2012

If you're a curly girl, you know one of the most troublesome things in the world are haircuts. A haircut can literally make or break your hair identity. Finding a hair stylist who knows how to handle curly hair is a huge task, and some people just give up trying to find one. I have been the subject of horrible, horrible haircuts, and I vowed to never cut my hair short again. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I lied.

Long, curly hair is one of the prettiest hairstyles ever. However, it is a HUGE pain in the rear end to tame that beast. After not cutting my hair for almost two years, I had enough, and needed to cut my hair short. The last few times I've cut my hair short, it has been a complete disaster. My hair always resembled a yield sign (or pyramid if you're unfamiliar with the shape of a yield sign), and I absolutely hated it.

A few weeks ago, on a whim, I went to my hair stylist and just told him to hack it off. I was really frightened to go through with the haircut, but my stylist calmed me down and proceeded to cut away. After there was enough hair on the floor for at least three people's heads, the cut was over and done with and my head actually felt lighter. It was amazing! I don't have a weird emotional attachment to my hair, so I don't mind hacking it all off, I just hate having to deal with the poofy aftermath that normally comes with a haircut.

Don't be fooled by my expression in the "after" photo. I love my haircut! It still has the tendency to poof a bit, but I have figured out new ways to style my hair to reduce poofiness, which I will speak about in future curly girl articles. If you're a curly girl looking to get a haircut, do your research! There are a bunch of different kinds of curly hair, and each type has a different way of being cut. A great resource for me was the NaturallyCurly website. Happy cutting, and share your hair horror stories in the comments below!


  1. Oh Go! My hair isn't curly but my bf is, and he hates to go to get a cut, it's really hard to find someone that that can cut a hair like this.
    And your hair is amazing.

  2. I love your Curly Girl Problems! My hair is crazy thick and curly and love that someone can relate to the difficulties and positives of having super curly hair. I just did a Liebster Award on my blog. Love yours so much I had to include it in the award. Thanks so much and keep up the amazing work!


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