An Incredible Weekend

An Incredible Weekend

posted on: 2.06.2012

Happy Monday, readers! I'm especially happy now that the New York Giants won the Super Bowl last night (this is only relevant if you live in the United States). I'm a huge football fan, so this was very exciting for me. More on that later!

For today's post, I just wanted to highlight my weekend, because it was a pretty fun one! Also, now that I have the super fun iPhone and Instagram app, I've been taking a ton of more pictures.

This past weekend was spent in Orlando, indulging in some much needed retail therapy with my mom. Nothing like a weekend shopping with your mama! The top left picture is of me and my mom after a ridiculously long day of shopping, and we were deliriously tired, which I think was accurately depicted in the picture. On the top right is a picture of our Saturday night hangout, Downtown Disney. The bottom left picture is of the super awesome Mike Wazowski mug I got in Downtown Disney (I loooove Monsters Inc.) that I used for my iced coffees at home. The bottom right is a picture of me being sad leaving, and also my reaction to Madonna's halftime performance at the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl was probably the highlight of my entire weekend. Like I mentioned before, I'm a football fan, and my family has been loyal to the New York Jets for a really long time. However, five years ago, I became a bigger New York Giants fan, and I was absolutely thrilled when they won the Super Bowl four years ago against the New England Patriots. And the fact that the Giants beat the Patriots again four years later? I honestly couldn't be happier.

Four years ago I splurged on an Eli Manning jersey, and I'm so happy I did (evident in the top left and bottom right pictures)! I'm also excited that it still fit me, since it is a kid's large. The top right picture is of the kickass homemade lentil soup I made last night that was so insanely good. Of course, I ruined all nutritional value of the soup by eating a chocolate croissant from the Ghirardelli bakery in Downtown Disney. Whatever, it was Super Bowl Sunday! And the bottom left picture is of the adorable Disney Vinylmation figurine that they were selling in Downtown Disney that was dedicated to the New York Giants. Twelve dollars very well spent!

Anyways, it was a pretty successful shopping weekend for me, and you should hopefully be seeing some of the clothes I got in future outfit of the day posts (which I will hopefully be posting up soon!). I hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well!


  1. This is super cute!
    You should do more personal posts as well!

    Btw what's your instagram?

    Mine is xcaroxd :)

  2. I also wanted to let you know that I have given you an award! :) Check out my blog for the details.


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