Tips & Tricks: OCC Lip Tar as a BLUSH?

Tips & Tricks: OCC Lip Tar as a BLUSH?

posted on: 2.07.2012

Okay, I'm sure by now you are sick and tired of hearing me rave about the OCC Lip Tars. When I filmed a review for them, I completely forgot to mention other ways you can use the lip tars! Like literally right when I uploaded it to Youtube, I thought to myself Crap on a stick! I forgot to mention this really cool way to use a lip tar! 

Fret no more, dear reader, for I have taken it upon myself to write out a blog post about it. If you weren't aware, you can use a lip tar as a BLUSH! I know, crazy, right? You've already seen in my video how crazy pigmented the lip tars are, so you only need the smallest amount of product for blush. Just take a smidgen of the lip tar on your fingers (or brush, if you're fancy like that) and apply it on the apples of your cheeks like you would with a cream blusher.

Not only can you use it as a blush, but you can even use it as a face paint. The amount of product in a tube of a lip tar is enough to cover you from head to toe. Be creative and have fun when it comes to using the lip tars! They are such versatile products and somewhat affordable, so go out and experiment!

ps. i know today is tuesday and a 'talk it out tuesday' video is supposed to be up, but i will be posting the video later on today, and the blog post for it will be up tomorrow!

edit: no new video tonight guys, i'm sick & congested & sound horrible! new tutorial up later this week though!


  1. i so want to try this but i'm so scared i'll come out clownish lol! how about a tutorial? :))

  2. Kind of irrelevant but I see you really like makeup and are on question, are you subscribed to My Glam Bag? GOOGLE IT, and do it! 10 bucks a month. This sounds terribly marketing-ish

    But no worrie, I don't work for Michele Phan, well I suppose that would be a good thing, but anway just figured if you didn't know...

  3. Vanessa- Of course!
    Sasha- yea I'm aware of My Glam Bag but honestly I have no interest in doing those monthly subscription boxes anymore, but thanks for thinking of me!


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