Another Weekend Recap

Another Weekend Recap

posted on: 4.02.2012

Happy Monday everyone! I've been kind of MIA from the blogosphere (again) the past week, and it was because I was in Disney! I have an annual pass to Disney, hence why I seem to always be there. Anyways, it was my sister's spring break so we took a little trip to Epcot and Animal Kingdom. If you're able to get to Epcot before May 20, DO IT! Right now Epcot has their Flower & Garden Festival, and it is absolutely beautiful. Here are just a few snapshots of my super long weekend!
From left to right, top to bottom:
- There was a new store in Downtown Disney that we went to and they had these AWESOME backpacks. I was tempted to buy it for my trip to New York for IMATS in a week but I figured that security would probably give me crap for the spikes on the backpack. Also, it was $60. I'm too cheap!
- A very hipster shot of the Epcot ball.
- For the Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot, they have a "Fairy Garden" display, and it was so cute! That's me and my very unenthusiastic sister sitting in the middle of it.
- Then we ate lunch at this restaurant called The Coral Reef, and we ate in front of this huge tank that has all sorts of fish, turtles, and even sharks swimming around. You can also pay some ridiculous amount of money to scuba dive and snorkel in this tank.
- The beautiful landscape of "Canada" from Epcot's World Showcase section! It was beautiful there.
- A giraffe from Animal Kingdom's Kilimanjaro Safari Ride.

And that is all for this rather boring personal post. I took video from this trip, I'm thinking about making a March 2012 vlog and include a bunch of random videos from this past month. Only time will tell!


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