posted on: 4.18.2012

Hey everyone! I'm back from IMATS! I am absolutely exhausted, but I had a great time in New York and am already planning my next trip back. I love that city so much, I need to just pack my bags and move up there. Anyways, I didn't buy much at the show, but the few things I did buy, I showcase in the haul video below.

Pretty boring, I know, but you all asked for a haul and I just did as I was told! A review on the blush palette will be up tomorrow, and my New York VLOG will be up by Saturday. Have a good day!


  1. lol because I'm all about brand names! You are going to love the lotion micellaire! Are you going to the makeup show orlando in november?

    1. Yes I am!! I am sooo excited! I went on their website yesterday and I'm getting so pumped up for all the workshops they're going to have.. Ahhh I can't wait!


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