NYC 2012 Trip Recap!

NYC 2012 Trip Recap!

posted on: 4.20.2012

It is now time for a full recap of my trip to New York this past weekend! Involved in this trip was a trip to Connecticut, IMATS, and of course, the city that never sleeps, New York City. This is going to be a very photo heavy post, so consider yourself warned.

I honestly have no idea where to start off, but Thursday the 12th, my mom and I flew into New York, where we stayed at my cousin's house, which is about 30 minutes from the city. From the 13th-15th, we stayed at the hotel Ink48 in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of the city, which just so happened to be about a couple of blocks from Pier 94, the venue for IMATS.
I tend to joke around and say that I come to New York City for one thing-food. This past trip, I realized I wasn't actually kidding, it was the truth! I become such a hardcore food monster, where I basically just open my mouth at the end of a table and vacuum up all the food in my path. It's bad. I have no self-control! It's not my fault that New York City has the best food in the world! The three food pics above are from the hotel's restaurant, Print. If you're ever in Hell's Kitchen, GO TO THIS RESTAURANT. Their food is beyond amazing.
Another reason I look forward to coming to New York City? Cupcakes. I am a cupcake fiend. I am obsessed with Baked by Melissa cupcakes, because they're mini and SO. MOIST. They are little cupcakes of perfection. Nothing compares! Apparently the ship their cupcakes nationwide. My belly already hates me. My cousin made me go to Magnolia Bakery, where she claims they have the best cupcakes in the city. Fun fact: they're okay, and definitely don't compare to Baked by Melissa. Don't even think about telling me that any cupcake is better than Baked by Melissa's!
The first picture in this set is actually a picture of Greenwich, Connecticut. Why I decided to put that picture in this set of NYC pictures, I will never know. Just go with it!

Saturday, my mom and I walked around the city. My mom wanted to go hang around Times Square (which I loathe), where we stumbled upon a bunch of men in kilts playing the bagpipes. Then I dragged us all the way downtown, where we walked around Soho. We also walked by Union Square Park, which was filled with homeless people and Occupy Wallstreet-ers. 'Twas an interesting time!
I wish I could remember the name of the store that had these badass elevators! All I know is that this store is located in Soho and is on West Broadway. I want this elevator in my house!!
Now it's time for the IMATS recap! Kind of. I'll discuss it more in tomorrow's NYC vlog. But basically there was a ton of cool stuff that I was too overwhelmed to check out. Yay for social anxiety! I saw one of the seminars by Roshar, and it was how to do editorial makeup or something like that. It was pretty great! Roshar is really funny. Then me and Charleen stopped by the Eve Pearl booth and got our makeup done! I'm now obsessed with the Eve Pearl HD foundations and salmon concealer. How have I lived without them?! I also need to buy those concealers for my kit. They're great!

Then they have the "makeup museum", curated by Josh Turi, a key makeup artist for Saturday Night Live. I saw him last year in the SNL Makeup Artist Panel, and he's hilarious. He also provides a bunch of wigs from the show, such as Will Forte's MacGruber wig, the Barack Obama wig, and, if you saw the show hosted by Sofia Vergara, the wigs from the Hunger Games sketch. I was totally fangirling over the SNL wigs!
After IMATS, I met up with a bunch of family, where we ended up walking around Chelsea and Soho, and had dinner at a paella bar called Socarrat. You guys... if you're ever in Chelsea (or Nolita), you need to go to Socarrat. I had the best meal of my life there. I'm not even kidding. The tapas there were absolutely exquisite, and the paella was to die for.

So those were the highlights of my New York trip! I got to spend time with family I rarely get to see, and also got to hang out in my favorite part of the city, Soho. I can't wait to go back!


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    1. I know right?! I want to go back and take pictures in front of it :P

  2. New York is amazing! looks like you had lots of fun.
    Great pictures! How do you feel about following each other? (:

    Maira & Diana

  3. Awesome pictures :) I got some cupcakes too, NYC has some many cupcake places lol. Next time you have to take me to the fabulous food places!


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