VLOG: New York City Trip

VLOG: New York City Trip

posted on: 4.21.2012

Like I have been promising since I returned from my trip to New York, here is a rather inadequate and sporadic vlog from my trip!

For the pictures and a more comprehensive review of my trip, check out yesterday's post on the matter. I know I mentioned I'd really go into detail about IMATS- but the fact is, I have no energy to do so. Just trust me when I say how overwhelming it was, although it was still a delightful experience. 

Also, here's a fun fact for you all: I may be noticeably absent from the blog for the next week, as finals week has finally descended upon us college students. I have a ton of work I need to do, and my last final isn't until the 28th of this month. Fingers crossed I do well! Don't worry though, I won't be completely absent from the Internet, as I am sure to be found complaining and cursing out school on Twitter and Instagram!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Well I for one was very entertained :) It's funny b/c you took only a little bit of footage and I have literally and hour of it I have to edit...I should have gone your route ;)


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