Influenster Summer Beauty Vox Box

Influenster Summer Beauty Vox Box

posted on: 7.10.2012

A few months ago, I saw other bloggers talking about their Vox Boxes and I was completely intrigued. Vox boxes are given out by, so I went to their website and signed up. Then, a few weeks ago, Influenster contacted me and told me I was eligible to receive one of their summer beauty vox boxes. I finally received my vox box yesterday, and now all I have to do is try out these products and give you all my honest review of them. Hurrah!

I literally just opened up this box, so now I have to go through the motions of testing everything out. I also can't wait to try out these awesome maxi pads and tampons! (Just kidding- this product is making me nervous). Anyways, it may take me a little while to review this all for you, but I think I am most excited to try out the magnetic nail polish and the shampoo & conditioner. And probably the Quaker bar (because we all know Brianna loves to eat!).

Disclaimer: I received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. This will not affect my review of the products, as each review will be completely honest and unbiased. 


  1. We need so many products in the summer time, a lot, and these are really interesting.


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