Another Cult Nails Review & Swatch Post

Another Cult Nails Review & Swatch Post

posted on: 8.24.2012

Recently, Cult Nails had a sale on their site where all of their polishes were only $7 each. So naturally, I couldn't refuse a deal that good, so I went on over and ordered four more nail polishes. I've already professed my love for these lacquers in this post, and these four lacquers are just reinforcing my obsession. I'm going to warn you: this is a photo-heavy post. But because I'm feeling quite kind, all the photos will be after the jump. Yea, I know, I'm basically the greatest.
The four colors I picked up were Vicious (deep purple creme polish), Enticing (sheer pink polish), I Got Distracted (deep blue base with micro holographic glitter and larger green glitter), and Happy Ending (clear base with shredded orange, gold, aqua, and lavender glitter). For a more in-depth review of Cult Nails polishes, I'm going to refer you to my original post. Also, Temptalia has some stellar reviews as well.

For my review of each individual shade shown above (and a crap-ton of pics), head on over after the jump!

 Like mentioned before, Happy Ending is a clear base with shredded glitter. This shade is a bit on the thicker side, but I think that is kind of necessary since the glitter is so chunky. It's a bit difficult to get a lot of glitter in one coat, so in the swatches below, I used three coats. Obviously, it'd be very difficult to get this to be completely opaque with glitter. I don't have another polish like this, and this is a fun polish to put on top of darker colors. Below, I paired Happy Ending with Vicious. That manicure lasted me for over a week!

Vicious is a deep purple creme polish. This polish is pretty much opaque in one coat. Cult Nails has a phenomenal creme polish formula. It stays on the nails for well over a week. This is the perfect shade for fall. It's perfectly vampy but isn't as dramatic as black. It's a beautifully sophisticated color.
Enticing is a sheer pink polish. With two coats, it's not quite sheer but it's not quite opaque. With three coats, it is very close to being completely opaque. This is a fantastic option for those who can't wear bright polishes to work or school. Even with just one coat, this polish is very sophisticated and a great alternative to boring clear nail polish. I think this would be perfect for a french manicure. This is one of Cult Nails' most wearable shades, and I declare this as a must-have. Even my 93-year-old great grandma wears this! When Great Grandma loves something, you know it's good.
I Got Distracted is the most appropriate name for this polish! This is a blackened blue base with micro holographic glitter and larger green glitter particles. This polish is definitely on the thicker side, but the glitter in it is absolutely stunning. Sadly, this polish only lasted on my nails for about two days. And because it is so thick, when applied, it maintains that gritty texture on the nails that even two coats of top coat couldn't smooth. BUT, this is still one of my favorite shades because of how unique it is, and I will deal with the shortcomings because I love it so much. Also, take a look at that glitter in the picture below! Amazing!

I think it goes without saying that I fully recommend these polishes. It's definitely worth the splurge!


  1. Did the vicious and the I got distracted polishes stained your nails? I love those two shades so much!


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