Influenster Latina Beauty Vox Box Preview

Influenster Latina Beauty Vox Box Preview

posted on: 8.08.2012

Another day, another Vox Box! I just received my second Influenster Vox Box, and I'm so excited to share it with you all again! This time around I got picked to try out their Latina Beauty Vox Box. Fun fact: even though I'm paler than Snow White herself, I am in fact 100% Puerto Rican. Crazy, right? Now you all know where my crazy curly hair came from. But I digress!

I did receive some repeats from my last Vox Box, but I also got some new products as well. This post is just a preview of the products I received. Reviews coming up in a couple of weeks!

I received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.


  1. I got my box too! So excited to try out the products!

    PS: love your crazy curly hair!

    1. I'm excited too! And thanks, you're too sweet! :)


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