Philadelphia Bits

Philadelphia Bits

posted on: 8.02.2012

This past weekend I spent some much needed time with my family in New Jersey, which is very conveniently located near Philadelphia (which is where I spent a big bundle of time while I was there). This past Saturday there was a free Of Monsters and Men concert in Philadelphia, which, if you've been around Brikasia for a while, you'll know I'm a huge fan.

The opening acts were Tim Williams and then JJAMZ, both of whom are amazing. I'm especially enamored with JJAMZ- the lead singer, Z, is both gorgeous and completely sweet (bottom left picture is Z!). I was actually able to meet her, but I completely neglected to ask her what coral lipstick she was wearing. I'm such a horrible beauty blogger!! I also got to meet most of the members of Of Monsters and Men, including the co-lead singer, Nanna (pictured on the bottom right!). I've completely fallen in love with this band! And has made me realize how I need to move to Iceland. They're so Icelandic and adorable!

The concert was completely crazy (in both the good way and the bad way), but meeting the musicians at the end of the day completely made up for whatever horrible things happened earlier that day. Besides the concert, this past Monday I spent several hours on Walnut Street in Philadelphia, shopping to my hearts content. Well, shopping as much as I could, since I didn't have much room in my luggage to bring anything. I discovered a new love- Jack Wills, a British brand which I never knew about until Monday! I'm obsessed.

Anyways, there is literally no point to this post- I just wanted to share little tidbits from an amazing weekend. Now I will resume watching the Olympics. Happy Thursday, ya'll!


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