Review: OCC Beta Nail Lacquer

Review: OCC Beta Nail Lacquer

posted on: 8.13.2012

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' Nail Lacquer in Beta is described as a "demi-matte neon orange" and is also described as "opaque". It retails for $8 on the OCC website. This is the first OCC nail polish I own in their new packaging. I'm not a huge fan of their new nail polish packaging, I definitely prefer the old packaging more. However, this packaging is much more sleek. But the packaging is completely irrelevant, it's the product inside that matters!

The finish of this polish is definitely demi-matte. And it is definitely neon. Like, ridiculously neon. But opaque? Definitely not. In two coats, this polish still shows the nail line. In three coats, it is a bit more opaque but not completely. In the swatch photo below, I only have two coats and interestingly enough, it shows the polish being completely opaque. Don't be fooled- in person it is not that opaque. I would have described this polish as being a jelly polish, because that is what the texture and thickness of the polish is similar to. The lasting power of this polish is just not there. It lasts for about a day, and then it starts to chip. This is disappointing, because my other OCC nail polishes last way longer than that.

Overall, this is a decent shade, but the quality just isn't there for me unfortunately. I know Zoya has a great range of vibrant colors such as this one for the same price, and it'll last longer. If you're a neon addict, you may want to give this polish a look because, well, this is as neon as you can get!


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