Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset

posted on: 8.17.2012

Lately here in Florida, we have been having some beautiful sunsets. Purples fading into reds fading into oranges... It's absolutely stunning and makes my evening swims in the pool that much more relaxing. So, I drew inspiration from these sunsets and created this super gorgeous makeup look. It looked a lot more visually stunning in person, so sadly it didn't translate very well on camera, but I still think it looks really great! I'm not sure if anyone wants a tutorial of this, but if you do, let me know in the comments. Starting next week I will be making my way back onto the Youtube scene after a three month hiatus, so I need some video ideas to get me going!

Products Used:
Makeup Forever #92 E/S (bright violet)
Makeup Forever #5 E/S (pastel coral)
MAC Sushi Flower E/S (light pink)
MAC Goldenrod E/S (orange-yellow)
MAC Sun Blonde E/S (limited edition yellow)
MAC Going Bananas E/S (limited edition frosty yellow)
Inglot AMC Shine E/S 15 (sparkly peach)
Inglot DS E/S 491 (deep sparkly blue-based purple)
MAC Evening Aura E/S (limited edition sheer peach)
MAC Carbon E/S (black)



  1. Ooh stunning! Found your blog on the bbloggers blog hop! Now following :)


  2. I want to see the tutorial on it!!!!

  3. I am sooo IN LOVE with this look!! The colors are so beautiful!


  4. Thanks ladies! And I will soon Brigitte!


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