NYFW: The Homebody's Guide

NYFW: The Homebody's Guide

posted on: 9.05.2012

Happy Wednesday everyone! I've got some pretty exciting news to share with you all. As you may (or may not) know, New York Fashion Week officially started today, and will continue through September 13. I've teamed up with one of my closest friends, Lauren of Beach Darling, to bring you guys coverage of fashion week. Each day during fashion week, hop on over to Lauren's blog to see what goodies she has in store for you pertaining to fashion week. Once fashion week is over, stay tuned here on Brikasia, because I will be recapping my favorite fashion and beauty moments from fashion week, along with some tutorials of my favorite looks!

Are you ready for some even more exciting news? Even with all of this fashion week excitement happening, we just may throw in some fun giveaways for our wonderful readers... Make sure you're following our blogs and our Twitters so you can be in the "know" when everything goes down!

In the meantime, as Lauren is covering Fashion Week from tomorrow onwards, and before I get into my Fashion Week coverage, I will be previewing some of this Fall's beauty trends. Because, ya know, before we get super excited about next Spring's trends, we need to psyche ourselves up for this current season's trends! I'm really excited for everything that's going to happen here during the next few weeks, and I hope you guys are too! Stay tuned!

 Lauren's Blog: Beach Darling
My Twitter: @briannawhattt
Lauren's Twitter: @beachdarling
My Instagram: @brikasia
Lauren's Instagram: @beachdarling


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