The Makeup Show Orlando: Day 2 Recap!

The Makeup Show Orlando: Day 2 Recap!

posted on: 11.08.2012

Time for my last TMS recap post! It's a bit bittersweet. For the final day of The Makeup Show, I tried my hardest (and failed completely) not to spend any more money. Unlucky for me, the Magnolia Makeup booth was riiiight next to the Cult Nails booth where I basically spent the whole day hanging out at, and I saw a lot of shiny and sparklies in their eyeshadows. It's pretty difficult to not spend money when you have a booth full of bright pigments and crazy sparkly glitters practically glowing every time you turn in that booth's general direction.

But I digress! I originally wasn't planning on going on Monday, but since I had nothing else going on, I figured why not? Plus, there was a seminar on color theory going on that I really wanted to sit in on. The class was led by Lihja Stewart from Makeup Forever, and it was a really great class. At the show, Makeup Forever introduced a new product, the Chromatic Mix, that is basically a color adjuster for any kind of product. It comes in oil-based and water-based. It's truly a remarkable product, and that is what Lihja was showing us how to use. I did receive one courtesy of the Makeup Show, so I will be playing with that and reviewing it on here soon enough.
 If you remember from yesterday, I met Roy from Face Off at the show. Well wouldn't you know that Laura from Face Off would show up today? She was my favorite on this season of Face Off, so I was so happy I did decide to go to the show on Monday! She was so incredibly sweet, and we ended up talking about her favorite airbrush systems and how to get into doing special effects makeup.
As I walked around on Monday, I tried to make it a point to take as many pictures as possible, for blogging purposes. Of course, as you could probably tell in the opening paragraphs of this post, I have a very short attention span and am easily distracted. But I did get some pretty awesome pictures of another body painting at the Makeup Forever booth (which was done by Lihja Stewart), and some cool makeup jobs done at the Cosmix School's booth.
Makeup Forever
Besides all of that, I spent most of my time helping out at the Cult Nails booth again. All of a sudden, Elessa of Pursebuzz comes by to start looking at polishes, and ended up buying some of them. This is of course a huge deal, because I think just about everyone knows who Elessa is. It was really great to meet her, and she is so cute and adorable in person! On the bottom right picture, Maria was showing Elessa some different combinations of polishes.
I didn't stay at the show past 2:30 on Monday because I wanted to beat traffic coming home, so unfortunately, this is where this recap will end. My experience at The Makeup Show was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Even though it's Thursday, I am still on a high from this past weekend. I've been fortunate enough to meet some of the greatest and most creative people I've ever met, and the weekend was truly inspiring. Throughout the next month I will be reviewing a BUNCH of products, so stay tuned!
Me, Maria, and LaShon of Flaunt Nail Bar

Me & Maria

Alyssa and me!


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