The Best of Vampy Lipsticks

The Best of Vampy Lipsticks

posted on: 12.20.2012

Besides red lips, the one thing I absolutely love is a dark, vampy lip. I feel like each winter season, there is a new term for this kind of lip: wine, oxblood, burgundy... The list could go on, but they can all be lumped into one category: the irresistible vampy lip. And pale girls: don't fret. I love the contrast of a super dark lip on pale skin. The key to pulling this look off is keeping the rest of your makeup absolutely simple, and let your lips shine through. Darker girls could even get away with an almost-black lipstick. My favorite color in the batch above is OCC's Black Dahlia lip tar. Completely versatile, it can be a lighter lip stain on pale girls, or an almost-black lip color on darker girls. It all boils down to one thing, though: confidence. Think you can handle a vampy lip?


  1. I've been searching for a great vampy lipstick all day today!! This post is super helpful. May have to try the NARS one, as the other brands are quite hard to find here in the UK. Please could you tell me the name of it? :) Great blog by the way. You're stunning!!
    Now following you. Please could you also check out my blog? Thanks!

    Ploy ❤ xo

  2. I love all your pics !

    Btw, your blog design is beautiful, im following u :)


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