2012 Roundup Time: My Top 5 LOTD's

2012 Roundup Time: My Top 5 LOTD's

posted on: 1.07.2013

This week I'm going to be highlighting some of my favorite posts from 2012, starting with my favorite Looks of the Day from the past year. And yes, I am fully aware that it is already seven days into 2013, and I totally should have done this last week. But my mantra for 2013 is "Who cares?", which basically for me just means not dwelling too much on the unimportant stuff. As long as I have my health and awesome people around me, life is good! But enough of that sentimental stuff. Onwards to my favorite LOTD's! 

I counted down my top five LOTD's from 2012, plus two honorable mention posts (one of which is my one and only outfit of the day post. I know, surprising!). Check back on Wednesday for my top five products that I reviewed in 2012, and on Friday for my ULTIMATE top five posts from 2012. Yay for roundups!

Honorable mentions!
~ My one and only outfit of the day {Brianna in Technicolor}
~ My Summer Daze Makeup Series {6 Simple Summer Looks}


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