Review: Make Up For Ever Chromatic Mix

Review: Make Up For Ever Chromatic Mix

posted on: 1.25.2013

Make Up For Ever Chromatic Mix, shade adjustor for makeup, foundation adjustor, makeup color theory
You guys, I am still super behind with product reviews, so just know that there are a crapload of product reviews coming your way within the next month. For example, this product I'm about to review, I received at The Makeup Show Orlando's Blogger preview, which was almost three months ago. Ridiculous! Blasphemous! But better late than never, right?

The Chromatic Mix is a brand new product that was launched at The Makeup Show Orlando, if I am not mistaken. Make Up For Ever described their Chromatic Mix as "a liquid pigment that can be mixed with any type of product base (oil or water) to create your perfect color." There are six shades in the Chromatic Mix range, with two different formulas. Therefore, there are twelve products total: six oil-based chromatic mixes and six water-based chromatic mixes.

These products are SUPER cool, and super important to have if you are a makeup artist. I only received one chromatic mix, in the shade "red". On the Make Up For Ever website, there are instructions for how to use each color in the range. White lightens colors and shades. Blue intensifies colors and gives a bluer finish. Yellow gives a more yellow finish. Red gives a redder finish. Black darkens colors and shades. And brown is used to remove luminosity from certain foundation shades.

In the above product photo, I also included a photo of some swatches. On the left is the chromatic mix, straight from the bottle. Next to it is a little swatch of Make Up For Ever's HD blush in #14 (reviewed here). To show how the red chromatic mix can be used, I added a drop of the red chromatic mix into the blush, and the end result was a more intensely colored blush color (on the right).

To purchase these, you need to go either to one of Make Up For Ever's flagship stores or be a Backstage Card holder (their pro program), where you can order them over the phone. These are deemed "pro-only" products, therefore they are not available at Sephora. If you are a makeup artist, I highly recommend these for your kit. If you are a makeup enthusiast and are well-versed in color theory, then maybe you should check these out as well.


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