Tutorial Friday: Winged Liner

Tutorial Friday: Winged Liner

posted on: 3.08.2013

I'm pretty sure that my most-requested tutorial since I first started on Youtube three years ago was a tutorial on how to create the perfect winged liner. I recorded several videos on this but wasn't happy with the way any of them came out. Now that I've switched to the picture tutorial format, I've discovered it still isn't an easy tutorial to make. Winged liner actually isn't too difficult, and I really hope this tutorial makes sense for you all. I used my Le Metier de Beaute Bleu Liquid Liner for this tutorial just for kicks and giggles.
  1. Start lining your eye, starting from a thin line in the inner corner, and gradually making it thicker as you approach the outer corners of your eye. Stop right before you reach the very end.
  2. Lining up the end of your eyebrow with the end of your upper lashline, draw a straight line. I extended my line a little bit past the end of my eyebrow, but you get the general idea here. 
  3. From the end of the line you just created, drag your liner and connect it with the line you made in step one. This is kind of difficult to describe, but I hope you understand what I mean from the picture!
  4. Fill in any empty gaps and bam! You have winged liner. Please know that it may not look perfect the first few times you attempt this. I've been doing winged liner for over four years, so I can definitely attest to the old saying, "Practice makes perfect"! And even being a seasoned liner-applicator, I still have my bad days where my liner is looking a little wonky.
 I hope you understood this tutorial, and let me know if you guys thought this was helpful! And if you have any requests, please let me know in the comments! Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Your wing looks perfect! I always struggle with liquid liner, but practice makes perfect I suppose xx - Boho Vanity

  2. Perfect colored wing!

  3. That's a really pretty eyeliner color. I still find getting my wings symmetrical on both eyes very hard x

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