Cult Nails "In The Garden" Collection: Review & Swatches

Cult Nails "In The Garden" Collection: Review & Swatches

posted on: 4.11.2013

By now, you all know how much I love Cult Nails' nail polishes. Maria's latest collection is called "In The Garden", and is perfect for the spring. The five polishes in the collection are Let's Get Dirty, You're My Dandy Lion, Kiss My Rose Bush, Ay Poppy!, and Morning Glory. I'm just going to tell you flat out: photos don't do this collection any justice! Sure, they're still beautiful in photos but in person? Fan-freakin'-tastic. These polishes also come with a limited edition white cap on them to add to the spring-iness of the collection, too. And I have some swatches to share with you all! The left pictures are indoors with my camera's flash, and the right picture is outside without the flash.

First up is Let's Get Dirty. This is one of those colors that I just have the hardest time photographing. This shade is a nude taupe that leans towards being lavender. It is a wax finish polish and is opaque in two coats. This shade also has a nice shimmer to it, which is kind of hard to see. You can kind of see the microshimmer in the left picture, when I applied a glossy top coat over the thumb.

Next up is You're My Dandy Lion. This is just a super fun color that puts me in SUCH a great mood. It is so hard to find a yellow that's not completely disgusting, and this is such a cheerful shade of yellow! And although it looks like a creme finish polish, it actually has a super pretty shimmer in it! It's a little streaky when applying it, but I got it opaque in 2 coats. I can already tell this is going to be a summer staple for me.

Next is Kiss My Rose Bush. This is probably my favorite name for a nail polish ever. This was another hard one to photograph. The daylight picture makes the polish look darker, but the indoor picture is more accurate to what it looks like in real life. This is another wax finish polish. I applied a glossy top coat to my middle finger so you can kinda see what that looks like. This is a great pink- I want to say it reminds me of Pepto-Bismol, but in the best way possible! This was practically opaque in one coat, but I added a second coat to make it completely opaque. This polish formula was a bit on the thicker side, but nothing obnoxious.

Next is Ay Poppy! You guys, I freaking love this color. It's the perfect orange! Not too neon, but not too bland. I want to say it's more of a coral shade, but in the sun it's definitely a lot brighter! It was hard to capture this color too. This was opaque in two coats. This is a great summer color!

Last up is Morning Glory. This is a GREAT magenta shade that is also a wax finish. It's super pigmented, so in the pictures I actually only have one coat on! This is another shade I'll be reaching for frequently.

I'm a complete sucker for bright colors, so this collection was pretty much made for me. Now be warned- all of these colors are limited edition so if any of these colors strike your fancy, you better act quickly! The polishes retail for $12 each. This is yet another flawless collection from Cult Nails! I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us this year.

Disclosure: All products in this post were purchased by me.


  1. Wow at Morning Glory!! I've always wanted to try this brand ever since first seeing it on Temptalia


    1. You definitely gotta try them out! I don't use any other nail polish brand now. I'm completely infatuated!

  2. What stunning colours! I love the yellow for summer!
    Megan xxx

  3. Wow these nail polishes look gorgeous! I love the look of Kiss My Rose Bush and Morning Glory! :D x


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