life recently, according to my iphone (governor's ball edition!)

life recently, according to my iphone (governor's ball edition!)

posted on: 6.18.2013

Two weekends ago, I traveled to New York City to go to my first music festival, the Governors Ball, which was held on Randall's Island. For those of you who don't know much about me, I'm a huge indie music fan, and I try to go to as many concerts as possible. Unfortunately, most of my favorite bands don't venture anywhere near Florida, so I resort to going to music festivals in other states to see some ol' favorites of mine and discover new ones.

I've been meaning to try and figure out a new way to incorporate some of my favorite music into my blogging, so this is the perfect opportunity. I decided to share some pictures from my first music festival experience, and I even included a Spotify playlist at the end so you can hear some of the music I was fortunate enough to see performed live at the festival.
  1. Before I went to the music festival on Friday, June 7. We were expecting a tropical storm and a super wet day in general on Randall's Island, so I wanted to take a "before" shot.
  2. During the festival. It was cold, wet, and crazy muddy. It was pretty miserable!
  3. The most ironic part of Friday was that one of the stage's was called the "You're Doing Great!" stage. Really, Gov Ball? Were we really doing that great? The answer: NOPE. 
  4. Saturday was much better. It was sunny, but still insanely muddy. But I came prepared with a more positive attitude!
  5. The ruined fields at the festival. Not very many people trekked through that mud. It was about a foot deep and kind of dangerous.
  6. A shot of the festival from the main stage.
  7. This is a pretty accurate depiction of the festival. Muddy and gross.
  8. A new favorite band of mine, MS MR. If you're a fan of Florence + The Machine, you'll probably love MS MR.
  9. Kings of Leon playing on Saturday.
  10. The one and only Kanye West closing out Gov Ball on Sunday night. Hands down best show of the night. I don't even like rap music, but damn does Kanye put on a hell of a show. I cannot wait to get my hands on his new music (which is out today!)
And here's a curated list of music heard at Gov Ball. Feel free to share your opinions on my choices in the comments!


  1. Ahhh, your taste in music is pretty much exactly like min. So weird to see all those songs in the playlist you made because nearly all of them are in my Spotify favorites playlist. I recently discovered MS MR and have become a huge fan of them . So fun to see this!

    1. Yay! It's rare to find other people who have my music taste lol. I'm completely obsessed with MS MR! Refinery 29 had a cool feature on them a few days ago. Thanks for commenting!


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