Weekend Wrap-Up (June 24-30)

Weekend Wrap-Up (June 24-30)

posted on: 6.30.2013

I'm going to try something new today. Each Sunday, I will be posting a Weekend Wrap-Up, which will display all the posts that have been put up on Brikasia for the week, along with posts other bloggers have posted that I'm loving for the week. I'll probably sprinkle in some announcements in the Weekend Wrap-Ups as well.

So in honor of this being my first Weekend Wrap-Up, here's a pretty important announcement: Brikasia is officially on Instagram! For those of you who are familiar with this blog, you will know that I already have an Instagram. It turned into more of a personal Instagram, so I created a new Instagram strictly for this blog. Get behind-the-scenes looks at what goes into this blog, along with notifications of new posts! Follow me at @brikasiabeauty! (Side note: if you were following me previously @brikasia, I changed that username to @briannagmua. Feel free to follow my personal Instagram as well!)

Brikasia Posts:

  • Monday- "Olivetini" LOTD
  • Wednesday- Miscellaneous LOTD
  • Friday- 3 Makeup Looks for 3 Different Weddings
Other Posts Worth Mentioning: 
And before I forget, keep in mind that Google Reader is officially retiring tomorrow. I know a lot of people have been switching to Bloglovin', so be sure to follow Brikasia on Bloglovin! Another option is Feedly, which is my RSS reader of choice (and their app for the iPad is awesome). Whatever you do, don't forget about Brikasia! ;)

And as a bonus... here is my "Song of the Week". You all know how obsessed with music I am, so this is just another opportunity to share with you all what I'm currently obsessing with.


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