5 Essentials For Your Next Beach Trip

5 Essentials For Your Next Beach Trip

posted on: 7.01.2013

If you're planning on making a trip to the beach this summer, it's time to start planning what products you need in your beach bag. If you burn easily (like me), it's time to stock up on your SPF! The summer sun is no joke. Which is why I'm thankful for Supergoop! for selling a huge container of sunscreen. You can never have too much sunscreen. Learn from my mistake from a few weeks ago- I got burned to a crisp and I'm still recovering from it. And don't forget about your lips- my lips got sunburned and besides the fact that they were super swollen, they were peeling like it's no tomorrow. Besides that, waterproof mascara and a hands-free blush/bronze duo will take you from the beach to the beach shack, and you will be looking fabulous.


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