Tutorial: The Cat Eye Effect

Tutorial: The Cat Eye Effect

posted on: 8.16.2013

winged eyeliner, cateye tutorial
Several months ago, I posted a winged eyeliner tutorial. I opted to use a colored liquid liner, and to be quite honest, I wasn't completely happy with how it came out. I decided to re-do the tutorial using a black gel liner. I used my MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, which is already starting to dry out (which is the biggest downfall of gel eyeliners), hence the not-so-clean edges. However, I think this tutorial does a bit of a better job of accurately showing how to create the perfect cateye. Read on for the tutorial!
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  1. Start lining your eye. Before reaching the end of your eye, stop. 
  2. Begin drawing your liner. What I like to do is make a single line, and start drawing it towards the end of my eyebrow, or a little bit past my eyebrow. 
  3. From the end of the line you just drew, draw another line and connect it to the eyeliner you did in Step 1. 
  4. Fill in the gap and fix any mistakes you may have made.
It is remarkably difficult trying to articulate the way to correctly do a winged liner. I hope the pictures accurately show you how to create the perfect cat eye. Of course, creating the perfect winged liner takes lots of practice. It has probably taken me close to five years to figure out how to do it, and even still, I have my moments where I have a hard time. Do you have any tips on how to do a winged liner? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Everytime I do wings they come out differently :| I'm still trying to master it x

    1. I have my moments like that lol. It takes a lot of practice!


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