Brush 101: My Top 10 Essentials

Brush 101: My Top 10 Essentials

posted on: 8.23.2013

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The amount of makeup brushes out on the market today is overwhelming to say the least. Brushes can range from one dollar to hundreds of dollar, and can be made of synthetic fibers or out of goat hair. The possibilities are endless, and are also extremely confusing. I decided to narrow down my ten favorite makeup brushes. These brushes are probably the only brushes I'll ever need, and I use most of them on a daily basis.
  1. Real Techniques Blush Brush- Beauty guru and makeup artist Samantha Chapman, of the sister power-duo of Pixiwoo, released a line of makeup brushes in 2011. Extremely affordable and easily accessible, the blush brush is a dream to work with. I use it for powder, blush, and bronzers. 
  2. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Foundation Brush- The cult favorite makeup brand has a line of makeup brushes that don't get as much Internet love as they deserve. I am completely infatuated with their foundation brush. It applies foundation beautifully, and I also like to use it for powdering the little nooks and crannies of the face.
  3. MAC #224 Brush- I've tried so many soft-domed brushes in the past, but I always come back to the MAC 224. While I do believe their makeup products have completely gone downhill, their brushes are some of the best quality brushes on the market. This brush makes blending a dream, and is an absolute essential.
  4. Crown Brush IB119 Deluxe Crease Brush- I'm not a huge fan of Crown Brush, but I'm a HUGE fan of this brush. I have four of them. This brush is super soft and is great for intricate crease work and blending.
  5. Crown Brush Italian Badger Small Dome Brush- There's not an actual name on this brush, so I'm just guessing that's what it's called. This is also a great brush for deepening the crease, and is great with blending.
  1.  MAC #217 Brush- Is it possible to have a holy grail brush? Because if it is, this is definitely my holy grail brush. I only have two of these in my brush stash because it's kind of pricey, but if I was only allowed to own one brush, this would be it. This stiff-dome brush is great for applying color to the lids, and blending. It's the perfect multi-functional eye brush.
  2. MAC #239 Brush- This is the perfect brush for packing on color to the eye. It's also great for smudging pencil liner for a classic smoky eye.
  3. MAC #219 Brush- You're probably sick of seeing all the MAC brushes on this list, but MAC makes a fantastic quality brush. No other pencil brush compares to this one. 
  4. MAC #208 Brush- This is the only brush I use for filling in my brows. It's very precise but doesn't make my brows look too drawn on.
  5. Random Spotter Brush from the Craft Store- It's no secret that I'm obsessed with winged liner. I've purchased countless eyeliner brushes from well-known companies that were $30, but within several uses, the hairs would splay and make application difficult. Well, I will let you in on my little secret: go to your art supply store and buy a spotter paint brush. This brush was $4, and I've had it for a year and is still in perfect condition!
While I don't really like wordy blog posts, this was a necessity, I think. Do you agree with my ten choices? What are your favorite kinds of brushes?

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Disclaimer: All products in this post were purchased by me. This post also may contain affiliate links.


  1. I've needed the real techniques blush brush for ages but you've now made sure I head out and buy it. Really intrigued by the crown mini dome brush as well.

    Jazzie x

    1. I have two of the blush brushes! They're my absolute favorite!

  2. I have almost all of this brushes, and I have to agree that the 217 is a Must in everyone's arsenal! I have about 5 of them plus a couple of doupes from Bdellium Tools. Need to try that OCC one, hopefully they will be present at the Makeup Show so I can check it out :-)

    1. It's so hard to find dupes for the 217! I'm gonna have to check out Bdellium Tools. I hope to see you at The Makeup Show! :)

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