Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

posted on: 8.30.2013

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Got hooded eyes? Not a problem. While they can be tricky, there is no doubt that hooded eyes are a beautiful eye shape. Not sure if you have hooded eyes? This article from Beautylish can help you figure out your eye shape. One of my closest friends, Jessica, has the hooded eye shape and I asked her if she would be my model for this post. She happily obliged, and I created two looks that are pretty easy to master and suit the hooded eye shape well. For the two looks I created, all I used was the Urban Decay Naked Palette.
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This method works for both the hooded eye shape and the monolid eye shape. For those of you with a hooded eye shape, it's not that you don't have a crease, it's just that it is hidden under the extra layer of skin the folds over your lid (which, when written, sounds way weirder than it actually is!). But because the actual crease is pretty much hidden, you always have the option of drawing a new crease!

For this look, I applied "Sin" all over the lid and into the crease. Next, I applied "Naked" into the crease as a transitional color and as a sort of base to make blending out the next crease colors an easy task. Then, I took a small, rounded brush and started carving out the crease with "Toasted". This is basically a very lightly defined cut crease. Make sure to blend well. Then I took "Hustle" with a pencil brush and deepened up the crease so Jessica would have a clearly defined "crease". I also smudged "Hustle" onto the lower lashline. 

We finished up the look by smudging a black pencil liner on the upper lashline. I didn't line her waterline because I didn't want to make her eyes look too small. Jessica then applied mascara onto her upper and lower lashes.
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This look is the perfect "night out" look for those with the hooded eye shape. This is also the easier of the two looks. If you're not comfortable creating a crease, then this may be your new go-to look. All you need for this is a good blending brush. My personal favorite is the MAC #217.

I only used two colors for this look, as well. For the base color, I used "Toasted" and started from the lashline and blended it up and slightly past the crease. To see exactly where the color will go up to, look straight ahead into your mirror and blend the eyeshadow as far up as you want. If you're going for more of a daytime look, then you could actually just leave it at that. I took it one step further and applied "Hustle" onto the lid and blended it into the crease to darken the look up a bit. If you wanted, you could continue adding darker colors to the lid for a gradient effect. I then took a black pencil liner and smudged it on her upper lashline. I also took "Hustle" and smudged it underneath her lower lashline.


Even if you don't have the Naked Palette, these two looks are easily achievable with any eyeshadows you have. I've done these looks on Jessica using purple eyeshadows from Wet N Wild and the end result was just as beautiful as these are. I hope this helped those of you with a hooded eye shape. Have any questions for me? Sound off in the comments below!


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