Your Guide to the Fall 2013 Beauty Trends

Your Guide to the Fall 2013 Beauty Trends

posted on: 9.20.2013

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Fall is one of my favorite seasons for beauty trends. Everything gets a little bit darker, a little bit more vampy... And I love it! It's also a great excuse for me to wear black nail polish (even though my family will still accusing me of being a goth). Of course, living in a tropical climate, I still end up wearing my spring brights and my summer white nail polish. But at night, I am back to my vampier favorites. Each fall season is pretty much the same trend-wise, although this season we are seeing some of the summer trends carry on through fall (like coral lips!). Fall doesn't start until Sunday, but really, what's stopping you from trying these trends out now?

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  1. I love fall makeup as well, it's the best time of year to break out all the darker colors! I can't wait to start wearing my plum lipsticks soon :)

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  2. dark and coral lips look the best with my skin tone! So excited for fall.


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